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Time is running out!

GoFundMe! Help sponsor to bring two women and their children to safety and reunite with their family in Canada.

In 1950, during the aftermath of the Second World War, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was created to help millions of Europeans who had fled or lost their homes. Seventy years later, UNHCR is still helping refugees, however some countries, such asThailand, call refugees illegal aliens. If Thailand authorities apprehend refugees, they may place them in detention centres, or deport them to their country of origin where they will face persecution.

Last year, 2 mothers (an aunt and her niece) and their 3 children became refugees in Thailand. They were fleeing intense persecution from their country of origin, including threats of death for seeking justice for brutal acts of violence.Since that time, they have been living in a one-room apartment; it’s not safe to go outside.

As a result of the trauma and inhumane treatment they experienced in their country of origin, and now with no freedom of movement, they are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They live on handouts from well-wishers who give them food and clothing. The mothers are not allowed to work.

These are educated mothers who love to sing. The 13 year-old son loves to draw; the 7 year-old son loves to play soccer. The 2 year-old son has spent half of his life in a one room apartment. These children and their mothers need our help now. They need to be safely transported to Canada where their grandmother, their aunt and uncle, and their cousin are longing to care for them and be with them.

One of the mothers has health issues. She’s the one who, when orphaned at the age of 7, was raised by her grandmother who now resides in Canada. Let’s help this family be re-united.

The financial aid required to sponsor these children and their mothers is $30,000. By September 30, 2020, $24,000 must be collected so that their applications can be submitted to Immigration Canada this year. If the $24,000 is not collected by September 30, their sponsorship spaces will be given to the next family on the list.

The Canadian relatives are sponsoring these family members through the Canadian Unitarian Council that is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with Immigration of Canada. They’re working with the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga, Ontario, to facilitate the sponsorship process. This Unitarian Congregation holds the Trust Fund Account for the family’s settlement funds that will be released when they arrive in Canada.

Please help us rescue these family members. Every day, they live with the fear that they will be apprehended. Help us put their fear to rest. Every dollar counts so we are simply asking you to do what you can.

May you be blessed as you reach out to bless these children and their mothers; as you help to re-unite family members; as you make it possible for the children to be nourished, and to live in a safe, loving, home environment; and for all of them to have access to what Canada has to offer.

Time is running out. Please help. GoFundMe!

By Ann Donnelly

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