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Your financial gift helps support ministry here at Barrie. From local to global ministry, keeping our facility safe and clean, to outreach and family growth activities, it all provides a space to worship, learn, and grow together. We invite you to Give Purposefully, Give Faithfully, and Give Joyfully.

Please see the video below for general instruction on how to use the Adventist Giving App. Please note, once you click on Giving from this website you will already be conveniently taken directly to our local Church portal.

Barrie Adventist Giving

E-Transfer or Auto-Deposit through your bank


Through your online banking, set up an E-Transfer using our secured and confidential email of


This email is administered by Ontario Conference and only accessible to Sis Donna McEntegart (Barrie SDA Church Treasurer)


In the comments/message box indicate ministries and $$ amount you would like to support. e.g Tithe $100, Local church budget $100, Children $100


In case you are required to create a security question, please do send the answer to the security question to our secured confidential email


Thank you for choosing the GIVING Button.


We tend to think of this Button as a place to give our tithes and offerings, but giving (stewardship) is about so much more than that.


God is steadfast. The sun comes up every morning, and sets every evening as the earth rotates on its axis.


The robins know when to fly south, and when to return to find their meals in our front and back yards.


The daffodils and the crocuses know exactly when to peek above the ground.


This is just some of the evidence that God is the Creator of everything … and everyone! And He is the faithful steward of all!


Stewardship lies at the core of our faith … for God so loves us that He has given us hundreds of promises as evidence of His care for us. He proves that we can trust Him every time He keeps His promises.


Stewardship is at the core of the Great Commandment … Loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and our neighbour as ourself.


This Great Commandment is lived out through the use of:

  • Our Time;

  • Our Spiritual Gifts;

  • Our Natural Abilities;

  • Our Material Possessions; and,

  • The care we take of our bodies … of our minds … of our mental and emotional health so that we’re actually able to understand what it means to love our neighbour as ourself … and … have the health and strength to be able to do it.


God has given us so much. He continues to care for us through all that we are facing. He’s the Good Shepherd. He is the faithful Steward.


As we minister here in Barrie, Ontario, we are mindful of the need to use our time to serve others … to use our Spiritual Gifts and natural abilities to bless others … to share some of our material possessions to make certain that no one is in need … to make certain our church is able to meet its financial obligations … to eat what nourishes us … move in ways that strengthen us … do things that protect our mental and emotional health … to trust God to meet our needs in every situation.


The Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

(2 Timothy 1:7)


As we think about Jesus, we remember Him high and lifted up as He exchanged His life for ours.


We understand the time God took to create us, to surround us with trees and flowers, the sun, the moon, the stars.


We recognize the Spiritual Gifts He’s given to us to make the world a better place … the talents He has bestowed to make a place for peace.


We feel the love He pressed deep into our hearts so that we would know … without a doubt … that God is our Creator, our Redeemer, our Saviour and our Friend.


If you wish to contribute to the ministry here, you can click on the “Giving Button” and follow the instructions there. If you are a member and wish to learn of alternate ways of giving, please call our Treasurer. We can provide that number if you need it.


But whether you are a member or not, we invite you to click on the Contact Button, and tell us how you would like to participate in ministry here.


And … we would love to hear the ways you are already serving in this community, or the community where you live.


May God make use … by His grace and mercy and for His glory … of all that we give. Let’s ask this in the mighty and holy and precious name of Jesus. Amen

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