A healthy church is one in which every member grows, serves, witnesses and builds up others. And all things that we do must come from the indwelling life of Christ in each believer’s life (John 15:4,51; Ephesians 4:15,162).

What Is the REACH Strategy?


REACH is an acronym for a wholistic strategy for accomplishing mission with excellence. It reflects five enduring values that were voted by the North American Division Executive Committee on October 28, 2011 and provides a common focus for the church at levels.


The Acronym


Revival & transformation: Connecting with God through public and personal worship


Education for discipleship: Every youth and adult learning, growing, and becoming more like Christ.


Alignment within the church: Connecting effectively within our diverse church family


Community outreach & evangelism: Connecting with our communities—sharing hope and wholeness


Healthy leadership & management: God’s stewards, insisting on personal and church-wide excellence

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